Management Strategies

Ottawa County planners, local scientists, policymakers and other stakeholders identified and developed practical solutions to the County’s groundwater challenges and compiled them into a Proactive Strategies Index. Divided into four strategies, this guidebook highlights steps oriented toward alleviating the water crisis. 

What’s Inside?

Each section is broken down into categories, including:

Education Strategies

Advocating for change in regional water conservation perceptions

This section details outreach campaign, online resources, as well as youth and community education programs to inform the public.

Integration Strategies

Partner-managed programs designed to make a difference

This section details ways the County and its Groundwater Sustainability Initiative partners are developing actionable household conservation, landscape, and irrigation strategies and recommendations.

Mitigation Strategies

Using policy to enhance groundwater sustainability

This section details plans for model ordinances, health code revisions, a well monitoring network, infrastructure planning, and more to better manage and conserve groundwater.

Coordination Strategies

Creating accountability through organization structure

This section illustrates the committees and other personnel structures that are to manage current and future groundwater initiatives.