A Groundwater-Saving Initiative by Ottawa County

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Ottawa County
is Running Out
of Water

Despite being surrounded by the Great Lakes, Ottawa County is experiencing a water shortage. Many residents and businesses rely on wells that tap into underground aquifers, but these sources are declining in water levels and increasing in salt content.

What the Data
is Telling Us

Ottawa County commissioned Michigan State University in 2012 to investigate groundwater issues raised by locals, well drillers, and farmers. The study revealed declining water levels in the deep bedrock aquifer system since 2013 and rising salt levels in certain areas. The study projected continued declines in some parts of the aquifer and increasing salt levels unless withdrawal rates were managed proactively.

What We’re
Doing About It

Utilizing the groundwater study data, County leadership and a diverse group of scientists, policymakers, and other stakeholders launched the Groundwater Sustainability Initiative to ensure our residents and businesses have permanent and sustainable access to fresh water now and into the future.

How You
Can Help Be
Water Wise

We’ve compliled household tips and strategy guides to show how you can help the community and the county conserve water and mitigate unneccessary usage.

Additional Resources

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